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Ensuring Compliance with Data Protection at London NHS Hospital

Overhaul of document disposal at London NHS hospital

Chelsea and Westminster NHS hospital provides a range of specialist healthcare services for patients as well as general services for people living locally.

About the Client

The trust treats more than 360,000 patients a year and employs 3,000 members of staff. ISS arethe incumbent Facilities Management company at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust tasked with constantly handling high volumes of sensitive patient information on behalf of the Trust.

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The Challenge

Changes in legislation put trust at risk of non-compliance

  • ISS constantly handles high volumes of sensitive patient information on behalf of the Trust but lacked an efficient method of disposing of documents 100% securely

  • Needed a document disposal solution that ensured compliance with new data protection laws

  • Previous methods meant using in-house low-spec office shredders or outsourcing the disposal to a costly external waste company. The Trust wanted to bring the entire process in-house

The Solution

Utilising technology to improve document disposal and storage

  • New, high-spec document disposal hardware was installed at the hospital to bring the process entirely inhouse

  • A heavy duty shredder was deployed to ensure rapid and secure document disposal

  • To remove the space required for storing shredded documents, a press cardboard baler was installed to compact the waste

"Our new shredding and bailing system has greatly improved the secure disposal of patient records. Since we selected Xerox Business Solutions as a partner for this project they have been helpful to work with."

– Trevor Post, ISS Facilities Manager

The Results

Helping an NHS trust save money and improve data security

  • Significantly improved secure document disposal and storage and ensured the Trust complied with data protection laws

  • Removed the need to outsource document disposal to an external document disposal company which reduced costs and improved data security

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