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Xerox® Workflow Central Platform

Digital apps and tools for task automation and productivity

Unstoppable productivity wherever you need to work

Don’t let mundane day-to-day tasks slow you down. The list of suspects is endless, but these challenges steal precious time away from your day, preventing you from focusing on what matters most.

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Handwritten notes that are hard to read and not clear enough to share.

document encryption

Files in an unusable format or unreadable language.

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Private information that you can’t afford to inadvertently share.

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Lengthy reports much longer than your lunch hour.

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Click and Go Solutions

Documents should support productivity, not get in the way of it. That’s why Xerox® Workflow Central Platform overcomes everyday challenges, giving you the power to smash through the mundane from any PC, mobile device or multi-function printer (MFD). It takes the hassle away, by converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access from anywhere and replacing manual tasks with automated workflows. There’s plenty to choose from ready to click and go, like those familiar apps on your phone you depend on.

Xerox WorkFlow Central: A Flexible and Seamless Cloud Based Platform

Pain-free alternative ways of works, or bite-sized digital transformation tools – whatever your need, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your workload before!

Xerox WorkFlow Central: A Flexible and Seamless Cloud Based Platform YouTube Video