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How we can help lower your carbon footprint and achieve your goals

Let’s raise your sustainability game

Altodigital is committed to enabling more and more organisations to reach their goals by using the right technology in the right way. As experts in workplace technology and strategic partners to create better ways of working, we can work together to help you become more sustainable and energy efficient.

How you use printers, computers and phones determines how much your tech ecosystem contributes to your carbon footprint. We put processes in place to make sure your technology reduces your current CO2 emissions.

Digital Workplace

Outdated processes can create sustainability headaches. Streamlining digital workflows and document management software will slash the amount of paper you use along with digitised inbound and outbound post, digital accounts payable and other everyday processes enabling work from anywhere.

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Managed IT and Business Communications

Bad IT drains your power. We create a Managed IT Strategy that will transform your devices into a sustainable force for good with eco-friendly tools that have a long battery life and automatic shut down. By activating your organisation’s mobility with devices, communication tools and software your staff will be able to seamlessly work from home or contact other locations without the need to travel.

Managed Print

The right Managed Print Strategy and fleet of multi-functional devices can optimise productivity whilst reducing your energy expenditure. Software encourages double-sided and mono printing, avoids waste and creates visibility of usage. Using duplex as the default print setting saves an average of around three tonnes of paper a year. That’s the equivalent of 64 trees.

We recycle your used toner cartridges, remanufacture devices to prolong life, and can offset your print with our Reforestation Service.

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Global Impact

As part of the Xerox family, we have become part of a worldwide drive to make a positive impact on our global communities. Xerox is operating business in a sustainable way, have a roadmap in place to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2040 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% by 2030.

Xerox has been recognised by multiple organisations as a leader in sustainability and was selected to support the essential print and copying services across the entire COP26 conference. Prince Charles also conferred an inaugural Terra Carta Seal award on Xerox at COP26, recognising the serious commitment Xerox has made to a future that is much more sustainable, and puts Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of the economy.

Xerox continues to look to the future and has added an innovation pillar to focus on developing sustainable products and services, in particular identifying innovations that help reduce harmful emissions around the world.

Paper sourcing, paper use, recycled paper and eco responsible paper offerings are designed to preserve forests and the environment including the Xerox Reforestation Service.

Xerox Partners with PrintReleaf to Reforest Parts of the Globe YouTube Video