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Managing your print and copy environment is of paramount importance. There’s no room for unforseen costs, printer inefficiencies, security compromises or operational shortcomings.

Print Solutions

A Managed Print Service is an agreement that includes the maintenance of a printer/photocopier for a contracted amount of time, usually 3 or 5 years. This will include the supply of ink/toner and parts, along with service call outs. The service is most commonly priced using a cost per copy/page model, with pre-agreed colour and mono rates.

Taking out a managed print agreement will help reduce the existing costs of your print operations, as well as giving you more control over future costs with a simple monthly billing process. As well as costs, MPS delivers greater productivity and will improve your carbon footprint.

For an efficeint print infrastructure, it is important to have objectives in place for what you want your current print set up to achieve. We can help you create these objectives and ensure they are delivered through your chosen print solution.

  • Streamline the amount of printers to create more space and reduce consumable costs.

  • Reduce the amount colour printing across different departments.

  • Introduce digital workflows to reduce paper use throughout the organisation.

  • Ensure printing can be done quickly and efficiently within the office and while mobile.

  • Improve the print culture in the organisation and introduce smarter printing practices.

Choosing the right print technology partner can deliver great benefits across your organisation.

  • Faster printing that increases staff productivity.

  • Document security policies that protect sensitive data and keep you compliant with GDPR

  • Robust equipment that will improve the uptime of your print fleet and minimise the need for engineer call outs.

  • Automated ordering and delivery of ink/toner and submission of meter readings, allowing staff to focus on their core objectives.

Print Solutions

With over 35 years experience within the industry, Altodigital is now the largest, privately owned, independent provider of office print and copy environments in the UK. Our strong, long lasting partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, such as HP, Ricoh, Canon, Lexmark, Sharp and Kyocera, enables us to offer a truly independent best of breed approach to print technology, with solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our network of regional offices and fleet of 200+ technical experts spreads throughout the UK, meaning that we are always nearby and can provide a local and personal service that ensures you feel cared for.

Our experts conduct an independent and thorough investigation of your existing print infrastructure. We analyse the usage and cost of every device and calculate precisely what you spend on paper, consumables and power.

Only by seeing the ‘total picture’ and fully understanding the efficiencies and costs involved in your current printing set up can realistic propositions for change and savings be made. With the information that our audit report will provide for you, along with the expert recommendations that are also included, you will have the perfect platform to manage your print fleet and keep it operating at its optimum level.

Our Process


Once implemented, we can guarantee that the recommendations we make will generate a difference that is immediately noticeable. You’ll see visible reductions in operational costs and also discover that you will be paying less for paper, consumables and power. In addition, by enhancing workplace efficiencies and reducing technology downtime, your staff will also be able to dramatically improve their productivity.

Altodigital has over 35 years experience in providing organisations with the most current and efficient print equipment on the market and has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted providers in the industry.

Our partnerships with leading brands, coupled with the expertise and experience of our sales and service teams, makes us the ideal partner to choose when looking for a new printer or multifunctional device for your office. When taking advice and recommendations, you want to be 100% certain that what you are receiving is accurate and, most importantly, right for your business. Altodigital are accredited resellers to some of the world’s leading manufactuers and chosen suppliers on a number of prestigious commercial and public sector frameworks.

We are proud to call ourselves experts in print.

Technological advancements in office printing over the past decade have been rapid, and look set to continue. This is why it is more important than ever to choose a partner in print that will ensure your business is not left behind.

We understand that print environments can be complex and highly individual to you and your needs. That’s why you need a robust system that can help you to control output and performance, without losing any efficiency or compromising on security.

The Altodigital MPS proposition is a straightforward, accountable and transparent service. Our aim is to provide guaranteed reductions in print and copy costs, to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, to maintain document security and limit your environmental impact.

Five phased approach to efficiency

Altodigital’s Managed Print Service is a fully proven five phased approach that relies on a close working partnership to develop bespoke strategies and improvements, which lead to sustainable business benefits.

1. Discover and assess
2. Design
3. Implement
4. Optimise
5. Manage

With MPS we become an integral part of your team to establish how and where savings can be made. Working together, we will collaborate with you to design a tailored strategy that will eliminate unnecessary costs whilst boosting efficiency.

Left unsecured, printers and MFDs can pose a significant security risk to you and your business, making it extremely vulnerable and susceptible to theft, loss and security breaches.

As shared printing environments become more complex and increasingly mobile employees print from smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices, without proper management there is a real chance that your sensitive documents could end up in the wrong hands. Without proper precautions in place, your business could be in danger of being penalised - especially when the GDPR comes into play.

Our approach to helping you secure your documents comes in four key steps - Assess, Prevent, Optimise and Support.

1. Assessment of your print environment, analysing the level and severity of risks posed, via a comprehensive security analytics audit.
2. Implementation of a secure configuration that prevents breaches, mitigates threats and reduces risks.
3. Optimisation of devices and implementation of security policies to protect documents, so they can be securely stored and accessed.
4. Continual monitoring, ongoing technical support and development to provide total protection and efficiency.

The mobile age has dawned, and with it has come new opportunities for productive and collaborative working.

From smartphones to tablets and laptops, employees now need to electronically create, access, communicate and print data ‘on the go’. Your business processes, systems and mobile working now need to work together, ensuring communication continues to flow, data can be shared, stored and edited and staff can work efficiently, irrespective of their location.

If your business has multiple divisions and site offices, at some point you will probably find yourself travelling between them. Altodigital’s mobile print solutions give employees the freedom to print from their mobile device to any printer or MFD located on their corporate network. There is also a facility for wireless printing without access to a network. This means that wherever you are, whatever you need to print you are in full control, day and night.

Utilising our wide network of solution consultants and in-house experts, we provide bespoke production print solutions into a variety of print room environments, including in-house reprographic departments (CRD), commercial print, and mail room environments.

Our focus is on driving efficiencies into these print environments by removing unnecessary and costly touch points.

Our service is truly outstanding. In addition to auditing your needs and installing the recommended technology and software, we also provide a highly professional CRD support service. This can be simply helping you with any technical problems and providing full maintenance back-up, or locating ancillary services such as finishing and distribution services, on your behalf, or if you prefer we can provide skilled on-site print personnel to help you maximise your departmental efficiency.

As part of the print solutions we provide, we offer a free print management tool called Optimise. Optimise is a piece of software that monitors your print devices and performs routine tasks, like automatically ordering ink/toner, so you don’t have to!

By utilising Optimise across all the print devices on your network, at no extra cost, you will gain a better understanding and full control of your print infrastructure, allowing you to realise many benefits that come with that knowledge.

Key benefits

- Measures ink/toner levels on all devices and automatically orders replacement stock, which is delivered when required.
- Provides full reporting on all devices on your network, delivering a clear and accurate total cost of ownership for your print infrastructure.
- Carries out routine admin tasks like submission of meter readings, saving your staff valuable time.

Optimise is a free piece of software that is provided will all print equipment we sell.

Print Solutions
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