Document Management

Steps to going paperless

We understand the steps that need to be taken to start the paperless journey, as well as introducing processes and workflow solutions to boost productivity.

Document Management

What is Document Management?

A document management system, also known as DMS or EDMS, is a way of managing, tracking and storing the digital documents that flow through your organisation. As well as the improvement in operational efficiency and productivity, document management also reduces the need for paper in your organisation and will pave the way for a paperless working environment.

There are also many other aspects that need to be taken into account when implementing document managment, including further software add-ons and hardware to support the successful digitisation of documents. Company culture is also a key factor into how successful a document management roll out is.

The paperless office is a goal for many organisations - but for most it is still a long way away. But it doesn’t have to be.

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for paper throughout the organisation.

  • Improve customer service response times.

  • Secure data and ensure documents do not get into the wrong hands.

  • Speed up daily operational capability, efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of implementing document management throughout your organisation will be felt by staff and customers alike.

  • Access customer data quicker, resulting in improved response and resolution rates.

  • Secure, permission based document retrieval.

  • Reduction in paper, leading to an increase in office space.

Document Management

Why Altodigital

We are experts at planning and implementing efficient document management systems that automate the entire process of capturing, organising, accessing, viewing, collaborating on, updating, integrating and customising data, leading to greater efficiencies and accessibility.

We have spent the last 35 years gaining a complete understanding of the lifecycle of documents, and have embraced the technological advancements in recent times that allow businesses to work smarter and more refficiently. This combination makes us the perfect partner to help you build effective document workflows throughout your organisation, that will help you reduce paper, improve your carbon footprint and become more productive overall.

Whether you are at the beginning of your paperless journey and seeking advice, or you are well on your way and looking for advanced workflow solutions to integrate with your existing infrastructure; we will be able to work with you to help you achieve your overall objectives.

How can we help?

Hard copies are not always easy to track, trace and share when it comes to recording, communicating and analysing crucial management or customer data.

Expensive filing, indexing and manual input/retrieval have no place in today’s busy office environment. By scanning hard copy documents into compact, easy to manage images, employees can readily access data, compress and convert documents into user friendly, electronic formats, as well as being more agile and responsive to customer demands.

Every business needs to have the capability to email large images and PDFs across the network. All too often the file size limits how and where it can be stored and the speed it is transmitted. This can create disappointment and highlights inefficiencies. By compressing and converting images and paper documents into different output formats (by up to 50%), you gain better access, improved transfer speeds and more storage options.

Securely storing documents is vital for any organisation that manages sensitive HR, customer and/or financial data.

Sensitive files have to be confidentially stored and be made available for inspection, for several years due to legal requirements. Our information management software allows documents to be digitally archived, stored and deleted once the legal time period has expired.

It no longer makes sense to store excessive amounts of paper as it can use up valuable space and prove to be expensive. It can also make you data difficult to retrieve and lead to serious security breaches. Digital archiving and storage solutions are a much smarter option and will help address document security issues, improve accessibility and data collaboration.

With the rise of mobile and home workers, sensitive data now needs to be accessible on the go. By employing one of our information management systems, employees can access crucial data whenever they need it - from one location, without compromising security and accessibility through their approved devices.

Implementing a Document Workflows enables you to move away from time consuming physical, paper-based processes. Accuracy is increased, as well as traceability, allowing you to deliver an enhanced customer experience by providing faster, more accurate information.

By creating digital workflows throughout your business, your employees can readily access data in electronic formats - helping them to be more agile and responsive to customer demands.

Workflow tasks can be delegated to individuals or groups while workflow history delivers a play-by-play overview of all actions, resulting in improved traceability an accountability.

We can help you to build a more intelligent and cost-effective digital Quality Management System (QMS), saving you time, money and hassle, but most importantly, keeping you 100% compliant.

Capture quality management data instantly with hand-held devices to drastically improve assessment times and quality, whilst reducing risk and responsibility.

When it comes to data input, across any industry, there is always the risk of human error during the input process. This can lead to catastrophic mistakes and issues that prove costly and time consuming to your business. With a digital QMS approach, you can remove the handwritten element and the errors or inaccuracies that are often associated.

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Your guide to Document Management

Your guide to Document Management

A major step on the journey towards paperless office efficiency is the implementation of digital workflows, find out more with our infographic guide.

How to turn your paper documents into digital files

How to turn your paper documents into digital files

By digitising and scanning hard copy into easy to manage digital files, employees can readily access data and convert documents into user friendly, electronic formats.

Top 6 latest document management solutions

Top 6 latest document management solutions

We provides a range of professional document solutions and services to help
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