Mailadoc Hybrid Mail

Revolutionise the way you mail

Take the unnecessary cost and complexity out of managing your communications because we do all the heavy lifting. Using advanced automation, we handle all of your outgoing business post using electronic delivery or physical delivery via Royal Mail.  By removing the need to handle mail we can also help play an important part preventing the spread germs in the workplace.

Mailadoc Hybrid Mail

Three Simple Steps

You Prepare

Create your documents and send digitally through our secure platform.

We Produce

We will prepare & segregate documents destined for electronic & physical delivery.

We Post

We will send the documents with an audit trail & tracking up to postal submission.

A Worry Free Workflow

All you have to do is prepare the communications, we will then produce and post them. It’s that simple. You'll also have the ability to send post from anywhere with just a few clicks - perfect in today’s remote office environment.

No more hassles, hidden costs or wasted time or space. Regardless of what sector you belong to, Mailadoc Hybrid Mail allows you to get the most out of your mailings and frees up precious time and resources that could be better spent

Key Features

Reduce Costs

Save up to 40% on print and postage while also reducing labour costs. Mailadoc Hybrid Mail eliminates the need for a franking machine.

Boost Productivity

Your staff never have to stuff another envelope and are freed up to focus on higher value tasks. And they can manage post from anywhere.

Improve Accountability

Easily provide an audit trail that provides better visibility into departmental mailing correspondence and costs.

Deliver Faster

Never miss a deadline. High delivery speeds ensure recipients receive important, time-sensitive communications.

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