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Measuring employees' and customers' temperatures safely and accurately

Businesses across the UK have a responsibility to ensure that they are implementing procedures and systems that effectively manage the spread of COVID 19. That means conforming with the latest HSE, NHS and Government guidance when it comes to the temperature screening of their employees and other visitors to their premises.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Employs live face-recognition technology and an infrared thermal imaging module to support face-with-mask identification.

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Facial Recognition

Measure Body Temperature

A high performance, multi-language, touchless and frictionless device that accurately measures temperature on entry.

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Facial Recognition

Rapid Scanning Devices

A dynamic camera with 8-inch display that quickly and accurately takes a temperature measurement without the need for physical intervention.

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Facial Recognition

> 37.8° C Fever Alarm

If an employee or customer has a temperature above 37.8 Degrees C, a clear alarm system will immediately alert your staff.

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No need for physical contact or other ID measures - screening is done remotely!

As people become increasingly conscious and hesitant to touch public surfaces, contactless interaction has to be a top priority when it comes to accurate temperature screening. Employing the latest live facial recognition technology, you can quickly and discretely take, monitor and pinpoint individuals with a higher than normal temperature.

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Touchless, frictionless and highly accurate, temperature-screening equipment can work for your business

Complete with the latest hardware platform, the Altodigital temperature screening system is equipped with an industrial-grade binocular camera, live face recognition technology and infrared thermal imaging module to support face-with-mask ID.

  • 8-inch display screen with live facial recognition facility

  • Ultra thin and highly accurate

  • Supports expansion of third party peripherals like ID and fingerprint readers

  • Smart voice technology

  • Data management options

  • Multi-language capability

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