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Save money and meet 2020 sustainability targets!

All schools have been challenged to become sustainable by 2020. Are you on track?

Altodigital equips UK schools with advanced print technology to help you achieve your 2020 sustainability targets whilst saving schools up to 25% on print costs.

Meeting sustainability targets

Meeting sustainability targets

Create an eco-friendly, cost-effective print environment in response to the Government’s 2020 sustainable school target.

Reduce print costs by 25%

Reduce print costs by 25%

Enjoy savings of up to 25% by investing in the latest technology, for sustainable document handling and printing in your school.

School technology experts

School technology experts

Work with the UK’s largest school technology supplier, currently partnering 120 schools in the Birmingham area.


FREE GUIDE on sustainable print

Whilst you might think print is a relatively trivial consideration when it comes to 2020 sustainability compliance, it’s not! Altodigital and Kyocera discuss key issues for schools in this free White Paper.

Understand just how far printing and document management technologies can go in helping your school to achieve sustainability targets and save money!

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Advanced, eco-friendly print technology


Consume a fraction of the energy with an integral power management system featuring energy-controllers that kick-in during sleep/idle mode.


Print technology is built to last including long-life ceramic parts and an ultra-durable photosensitive drum.


Use equipment that is designed, manufactured, packaged and transported to you with sustainability in mind.



A third of the plastics used in printers are from recycled sources and 99% of the total plastic employed is recycled too!


Toners are extra long-life, use no organic solvents and are completely recyclable leading to multiple benefits.


Printers are quiet, inaudible in standby mode and barely above 50 decibels when in use leading to noise-free working.

Review your print environment as part of your response to Govt 2020 school sustainability targets – and save up to 25%!

Longer Lasting Printers

Print technology uses long-life ceramic parts, drums and a toner-only concept for most users. The design is continually being refined to improve waste reduction and reduce environmental impact.

Longer Lasting Printers

Less Cartridges Needed

Cartridges are made from as few as 8 parts, all plastic and all completely recyclable. They are designed for extra long-life and performance and use no organic solvents.

Longer Lasting Printers

Eco Friendly Design

Up to 30% of the plastics used in Kyocera products are recycled and over 99% of the total plastics can be recycled. The intention is to cut out the use of plastics entirely.

Longer Lasting Printers

Energy Saving Features

Printers employ energy-saving controllers to optimise power management and operate as low as 106 Watts in sleep mode – 1/10th of the energy used by a smartphone charger.

Longer Lasting Printers

Reduction of Warm-up Time

ECOSYS technology enables a reduction in the time required to recover the printer from standby mode and start printing, whilst at the same time saving energy.

Longer Lasting Printers

Toner Take-Back Scheme

Kyocera/Altodigital currently offers a returns service for all used, genuine toner cassettes. Wherever and whenever possible, we also aim to reuse and recycle components, cartridges and consumables.

Longer Lasting Printers