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Projectors have long donned classrooms across the UK.  Fulfilling a need for effective, visually exciting communication and presentation, they have played their part in revolutionising the way teachers, teach and how they engage the youngsters around them.  Bigger screens, combined with more effective projection, are a winning combination - not just for classrooms, for any environment where data, ideas or information needs to be exchanged, shared and/or debated.   Altodigital can help you to take your projection capabilities to a much higher level.



Compact technology, crystal clear projection

No longer do you need a projector for every single classroom. These small, compact devices can be stored in a centrally managed area, and then booked out as and when teachers need them.   This is much smarter and more affordable option for schools, and makes best use of available finance and resources, while maximising your AV capabilities.



Projects on to walls and screens

It doesn’t matter if space is limited in your classroom. The Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projector can project on to any suitable wall or screen from less than 12 cm away, making it super efficient and versatile for use in any space.  It’s an ideal way of getting students more involved and engaged in active learning projects.



An investment you won’t regret

Wall and ceiling mounted projectors can be an expensive investment and do not always do the best job.  But this needn’t be the case. Have you considered investing in a single Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projector, and then booking it out for multiple uses?  Schools that have done this have not been disappointed.  (Wired and wireless connectivity available).

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