A flexible approach to communication

VoIP takes advantage of converging technologies such as high-speed broadband connections and faster data compression, to send more voice and video down existing copper wires and fibre connections. It’s available from every part of the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

Our VoIP systems combine great functionality and ease of installation, with affordability, making it the perfect solution for businesses large and small, but particularly those with changing needs. Intuitive call queuing, parking and routing are standard features.



Save money, increase efficiency

A VoIP solution dispenses with the need for costly hardware investment and ongoing maintenance fees. By re-routing your phone service, you can expect to save significant sums, whilst improving and expanding your global reach.

Your business will also enjoy a saving on its power consumption; this will also help to create a greener office environment.



Scalable and secure

VoIP has many benefits over traditional hard-wired networks – particularly given it integrates with your existing data lines. Effectively, voice traffic is digitised, compressed and released in secure IP data packets, and then routed in a similar way to internet based traffic, usually to a central server, co-located in an approved data centre.

It’s a completely scalable and secure solution that many organisations prefer, given they can expand and adapt the technology to meet their future needs, without having to finance additional and costly hardware, maintenance etc.

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