Taking the control, and your calls

Time is precious for any business.  Any waste of resources, time or manpower, can result in less profit – and this can impinge on your future growth.  Many businesses are now turning to VoIP/VCC technology to better manage and improve their communication services, saving cost and ensuring customers continue to receive the level of service that they expect.  With features like real time monitoring, skills based routing, solutions for telesales, help desk and more, it makes sense to explore the possibilities.



Save money and increase efficiencies

A VoIP solution dispenses with the need for costly hardware investment and ongoing maintenance fees, by re-routing your phone service over the internet. Combine it with our VCC call handling technology, and you can sit back, relax and be in better control of your voice communications.



Seamless integration and connectivity

You can be sure that if you’re not available to take a call, then your competitor down the road will be!  Businesses just like yours are now using our VCC technology to better serve the people that matter to them – not just in the UK, but overseas too. It’s based on powerful cloud-based, call centre software and is extremely flexible, quick to deploy and simple to use.


VCC Global

Not only scalable, but global

Are you a global business?  VCC Global simplifies the whole process of logging into multiple contact centre systems, to manage traffic from different continents.  It allows you to more intelligently re-route all of your interactions efficiently, without introducing unnecessary layers of complexity. With a global VCC solution at your fingertips, the world is your oyster!

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