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Altodigital's Managed Print Services (MPS) proposition has been designed to optimise the processes and workflows your business uses when carrying out document related activities, such as printing and copying.

The Altodigital MPS proposition is a straightforward, accountable and transparent service. Our aim is to provide guaranteed reductions in print and copy costs, to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, to maintain document security and limit your environmental impact.

We understand that print environments can be complex and highly individual to you and your needs. That’s why you need a robust system that can help you to control output and performance, without losing any efficiency or compromising on security.



5 phased approach
to efficiency

Altodigital's Managed Print Service is a fully proven five phased approach that relies on a close working partnership to develop bespoke  strategies and improvements, which lead to sustainable business benefits.

  1. Discover and assess
  2. Design
  3. Implement
  4. Optimise
  5. Manage


An integral part of your team

Altodigital's Managed Print Services when implemented will achieve savings in all areas, including – energy, paper and consumables usage culminating in up to 40% on print costs. That makes for a happy, productive and efficient workplace ready to contribute to your overriding success.

With MPS we become an integral part of your team to establish how and where savings can be made. Working together, we will collaborate with you to design a tailored strategy that will eliminate unnecessary costs whilst boosting efficiency.


Responsible for a greener world

Sustainable business practices are not only crucial for the environment, but also the good name of your brand, the respect of the workforce and customers; and ultimately for the bottom-line itself.

Altodigital will work closely with you, guiding and helping you to achieve all your CSR targets - both regulatory and social. Reduce carbon footprint and encourage the maximum awareness of the need for sustainability by your employees.

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