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Do you know who manages your print security? Many businesses don’t. The fact is, left unsecured, printers and MFDs can pose a significant security risk to you and your business, making it extremely vulnerable and susceptible to theft, loss and security breaches.

As shared printing environments become more complex and increasingly mobile employees print from smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices, without proper management there is a real chance that your sensitive documents could end up in the wrong hands.



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Take a look at our video on document security to gain a better understanding of the risks involved when leaving your print devices unprotected.



A complete approach to print security

There are multiple threats to print in an organisation, but here are just some of the key measures that can be adopted to enhance the security and integrity of your MFDs and printing devices: 

  • Secure Document Release
  • Keyword Recognition
  • MFD Communication Protection
  • Data Overwriting
  • Scan Locking
  • HD Encryption
  • Fax Number Screening

These are just some of the measures that can significantly improve document security.



Are your files on
lock down?

If your files aren’t, then the latest statistics confirm that you might be set to join the growing number of UK businesses that are losing 2% of their business turnover/each year due to unnecessary security breaches. Can you really afford that?

Altodigital is a recognised independent specialist in the management of print and copy environments. We help businesses to minimise costs, raise their productivity and improve document security measures.



Our trusted 4 step
security process

Altodigital’s approach to document security involves four key areas.

Assessment of your print environment, analysing the level and severity of risks posed, via a comprehensive security analytics audit.

Implementation of a secure configuration that prevents breaches, mitigates threats and reduces risks.

Optimisation of devices and implementation of security policies to protect documents, so they can be securely stored and accessed.

Continual monitoring, ongoing technical support and development to provide total protection and efficiency.

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