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With advancing IT and print technologies, it was only a matter of time before 3D printing became mainstream. Whilst some initially saw it as an expensive gadget, it’s now looking like a highly affordable and useful technology with wide-ranging applications.

Altodigital supplies a range of entry level and high-end performance 3D printers and scanners that can be used to create near life-like imaging and models



3D printing could
not be easier

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It involves an object being created by laying down successive layers of material until a 3D model is formed.

Once the file has been uploaded, the printer takes care of the rest. It really couldn’t be more simple.



Bringing print
to life

3D printing lends itself to use across many different industries such as healthcare and education, and is already changing the way products are manufactured and prototypes are produced, leading to more cost effective production and delivery.

In manufacturing, healthcare and medical industries for example, 3D printing is now being applied to new product developments and prototyping when producing custom-designed implants and prosthetics.



The future of printing is here

3D printing and scanning processes allow for a high degree of customisation. That means products can be produced to meet individual needs and requirements.

For many years students have been creating 3D designs using CAD technology. Now we have 3D printers and scanners, they can also create a realistic 3D output. This is transforming the way we all learn.

As printers and scanners become even faster and more readily available, so the capabilities for its uses expand and develop into really exciting areas.

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