Office Supplies

Does your office reflect your brand?

We deliver a comprehensive range of office supplies, furniture and consumables that will give your office a more professional look and feel.

Office Supplies

Everything an office needs!

From high quality office consumables like ink, toner, paper and general office sundries, right through to purposed designed furniture and off the shelf storage solutions, we can supply a full range of office supplies and equipment that is talilored to your individual requirements.

We understand that operational efficiency is hugely important to any business, that’s why we ensure we get your supplies to you as and when you need them, so you can continue to serve your own customers without unnecessary interuptions.

Supplying your office with everything you need

It’s quite simple. Without any office supplies, consumables or furniture, your business would struggle to function - but working with an experienced provider will help your business to flourish.

  • Ensure business is functioning at all times.

  • Create a positive working environment.

  • Protect the company brand.

  • Maximise cost efficiency

There are many benefits to choosing Altodigital as your office supplies provider.

  • Quick delivery times, ensure your business is operational at all times.

  • Create an office environment that staff are proud to work in and are not afraid for customers to see.

  • Various financial options allow you to get what you need, within your budget.

Office Supplies

Why Altodigital

We are one of the UK’s most experienced office supplies providers and offer a complete range of solutions for your office.

Just like all of technology services, we offer a bespoke supplies offering tailored to the needs of your office. Whether it be specifc stationery requirements, furniture to match to your brand or the right type of paper to represent the quality of your services. Whatever your requirements, our office supplies division will have the answer.

To see our complete portfolio of products you can visit our office supplies site at

How can we help?

Pens, pencils, rulers, ring binders….. you name it, we’ve got it!

We are able to deliver a wide range of stationery options for your office, whether you want standard supplies or a more bespoke offering, such as branded items.

Our next day delivery and flexible returns policy, make us the ideal choice to keep your office equipped with the necessities and ensure your staff never go without.

Our full range of office stationery can be found at

Our huge range of consumables will ensure that you will be able to find what you need to keep your office equipment running smoothly and effiecently.

From maintenance kits, through to ink and toner - whatever your requirement, you can search through our online catalogue, or speak to one of our experts to ensure to have what you need.

Our full range of office consumables can be found at

Impress your customers with the quality and appearance of your printed material. We can supply the highest grade and quality papers on the market, ensuring your brand, your reputation and your business communications look good - all the time.

It’s not just the look of our premium papers that make them an outstanding choice. The likelihood of paper jams and other paper related print problems are significantly reduced, making your business more efficient, productive and cost effective.

Our full range of paper supplies can be found at

Altodigital offer a range of prestige office furniture solutions. Regardless of whether you are looking for style, functionality or an equal mix of both you can find it in our large product portfolio..

This portfolio includes a full range of office desks, seating, bookcases, work stations, filing cabinets, storage lockers, boardroom and reception area furniture - in the quality you want and would expect from a premium supplier, and at prices you can afford.

Having an office that looks presentable and is comfortable to work in has a huge impact on staff. Just by refreshing the furniture in the office, you can improve morale and increase performance.

View our full range of furniture at

All too often, businesses put off investing in their office furniture, due to other pressures on their cashflow and available funds. That’s why more and more companies are choosing to lease.

Furniture leasing works in the same way as IT equipment leasing, allowing you to budget and forecast all associated costs and more accurately manage your monthly cashflow. Another benefit is that payments are 100% tax allowable, thus helping you to preserve your borrowing power.

Many businesses prefer to hold onto their available capital rather than commit hefty sums to things like buying new office furniture and fittings. This is where furniture leasing fits the bill. When your lease comes to an end, you can choose to either rent the furniture at a lower monthly cost, make a one off payment that gives you lifetime use of the furniture, or upgrade to new furniture on a new lease plan.

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See our latest office furniture brochure

See our latest office furniture brochure

At the hub of any successful organisation, is a thoughtfully designed, beautifully equipped, work environment. Our latest brochure will inspire you.

Learn about our range of paper supplies

Learn about our range of paper supplies

Impress your customers and delight them with the quality and appearance of your printed material. We can supply the highest grade and quality papers on the market.

How to get the office furniture you need

How to get the office furniture you need

All too often businesses put off investment in their office furniture given other pressures on their cashflow and available funds. Find out about our leasing options.


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