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What if you could find a secure and easy-use service that could efficiently manage all of your correspondence, without you even having to leave your desk? That’s exactly what many businesses are now doing with Altodigital’s Hybrid Mail service. Why? You get more document control and consistency, as well as saving time, resources and cost when sending digital and paper documents to customers – irrespective of their location.    Through a central, online store, you will be able to access documents, select correspondence from a library, edit and release.


Hybrid Mail

Managing your future growth

As your business grows, so does the burden of managing your documents. It’s a fact that many businesses underestimate the time and costs associated with this. As you expand, your filing systems, documents and formats become fragmented and often fail to comply with brand guidance. Hybrid Mail addresses this by increasing visibility and creating greater document consistency.


CRD Facilities

Create your own in-house CRD

Relying on outside suppliers for your CRD can be costly.  We estimate you can save between 10% and 20% by using Hybrid Mail to create your own on-site CRD facility. In addition to this substantial cost saving, and by standardising use and retrieval of documents, you can achieve greater brand consistency as you grow.


Hybrid Mail Costs

Cheaper than print/mailing a single sheet

Hybrid Mail can save significant costs in comparison to more traditional paint and mailing services. We estimate that it is around 50% cheaper to use Hybrid Mail than to print and/or mail a single page letter (even on colour headed paper).  That represents a tangible saving that makes good business sense.

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