Enjoy the freedom of a paperless world!

Securely storing documents is vital for any organisation that manages sensitive HR, customer and/or financial data. These files have to be confidentially stored and be made available for inspection, for several years due to legal requirements.

Our information management software allows documents to be digitally archived, stored and deleted once the legal time period has expired. Once a document has been entered into the system, it can be electronically sent to authorised employees for review and validation, using our easy-to-install workflow module.



Say goodbye to unwanted paper

The cost benefit of digitalising hard copy documents is considerable. It no longer makes sense to store excessive amounts of paper as it can use up valuable space and prove to be expensive. It can also make data difficult to retrieve and lead to serious security breaches. Digital archiving and storage solutions are a much smarter option. Our information management software addresses document security issues, improves accessibility and data collaboration.

You can choose whether to store your files on your own internal server infrastructure, that we can access and manage remotely, or through one of our other secure cloud-based storage options.



Information at your fingertips!

With the rise of mobile and home workers, sensitive data now needs to be accessible on the go. Carrying around physical documentation and relying on email attachments can lead to loss of data, security breaches and create numerous document versions.

By employing an information management system, employees can access crucial data whenever they need it - from one location, without compromising security and accessibility through their mobile device, web browser etc.



Access for external users

With Altodigital’s portal, administrators can make customers’ documents available to them on a read-only basis, ensuring a high level of security while providing great flexibility. The portal can be embedded into a website and easily customized to fit the look and feel of your company by changing the skin or adding a logo.

We understand that you need to be in complete control when it comes to managing and sharing sensitive data. Our solution allows you to retain this control over system users, by deciding which data is available to which users and by providing read-only access as necessary. The portal can also be embedded into your existing website.

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