Improved speed and accuracy of information

Fingertip data is what we all really need and want. If you are still inputting data from hard copy into your information system, we can show you more effective methods. Altodigital can help you to build a more intelligent and cost-effective digital Quality Management System (QMS), saving you time, money and hassle, but most importantly, keeping you 100% compliant.



Quality matters!

Capture quality management data instantly with hand-held devices to drastically improve assessment times and quality, whilst reducing risk and responsibility.

When it comes to data input, across any industry, there is always the risk of human error during the input process. This can lead to catastrophic mistakes and issues that prove costly and time consuming to your business. With a digital QMS approach, you can remove the handwritten element and the errors or inaccuracies that are often associated.



Keep your business compliant

When it comes to quality management systems, each member of your team needs to ensure they are working towards continual compliance. Errors, inaccuracies and oversights can affect your quality metrics, business decisions and ultimately your certification, particularly when it comes to data input.

The tools we provide will ensure your ongoing compliance, drive performance and bring about real organisational improvement – leading to better results and better performance. By digitising data, your records will be a true representation of any handwritten submission.

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