Ethernet is the most popular system used to connect computers and devices, to enable communication over one network. Using Ethernet is the low-cost option that allows you to expand your operations and network as your business grows. It also provides end-to-end assurance, giving you the freedom to customise, add devices to the network or change various settings.



First Mile

Ethernet first mile is an extremely robust Ethernet solution that allows you to have dedicated, permanently available bandwidth connectivity. It is a cost effective alternative to fibre based options, with quick installation and deployment. It also comes with the option of truly unlimited usage, so you can upload and download as much data as you like, 24 hours a day. 



Generic Ethernet
Access (GEA)

Our GEA solution develops your existing broadband and Ethernet infrastructure to produce a cost effective, reliable and trustworthy Ethernet based solution. Similarly to fibre broadband, GEA is able to use your existing copper infrastructure between your premises, the closest cabinet and the exchange, with minimal installation costs. However, unlike fibre broadband, traffic then passes onto an Ethernet network rather than a broadband network.

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