Visual Displays

A new dimension in visual presentation

Meeting rooms, classrooms, reception areas and office spaces can be brought to life with the appropriate visual technologies in place.

Visual Displays

Big ideas need a big platform

Whatever your profession, there’s sometimes a need to project and communicate your vision and ideas in ways that draw people in, encourage interaction and inject a bit of enthusiasm into the proceedings!

That’s why you need access to the latest visual communication technology. Altodigital has scanned the market for the very best in AV displays and projectors and is confident that it has a workable, dynamic and affordable solution that can help you to share all of those big ideas with your pupils, work colleagues and customers.

Big ideas need a big platform

What we can offer

Communal discussions among students and teachers are vital parts of the learning process.  We think that ideas and opinions are most effectively shared on a Sharp BIG PAD.  Featuring a 60-80 inch interactive screen that can be wall mounted or made portable, it allows up to 4 people to write on it at once.

It’s not just the AV possibilities that make the Sharp BIG PAD such an asset to the classroom, it can also project video content at the same time as other data, with 4-way split screen, built-in technology.  That means groups of people can present together, as well as promoting active and enthusiastic learning.

No longer do you need a projector for every single classroom. These small, compact devices can be stored in a centrally managed area, and then booked out as and when teachers need them.  This is much smarter and more affordable option for schools, and makes best use of available finance and resources, while maximising your AV capabilities.

It doesn’t matter if space is limited in your classroom. The Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projector can project on to any suitable wall or screen from less than 12 cm away, making it super efficient and versatile for use in any space.  It’s an ideal way of getting students more involved and engaged in active learning projects.

Visual Displays

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