Mailing Services

Digitise your postal services today

With the advent of new digital technologies and printing software, does it really make sense to be physically handling the print, edit and postage of large-scale mailing projects in-house?

Mailing Services

Revolutionise the way you mail

Businesses just like yours, print, post and email unstructured documents around the world, each day. Without any central control or management of important data and documentation, there is chance of compromising your brand and best use of your resources and finance.

AltoDrive Hybrid Mail gives organisations a single, centralised on-line store where they can access approved, current corporate documentation. Employees can select their correspondence from the library store, edit and then send knowing it’s the most current version available.

What we can offer

Hybrid Mails is the smart way to send and recieve mail For printed documents, whether individual or bulk mailings, the file is sent automatically to a designated service provider to print, fold, insert and post, saving time, money and energy.

We estimate that it’s 50% cheaper to use Hybrid Mail than to print/mail a single page letter (on colour headed paper).

Mailing Services

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