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Print devices are significantly overlooked in most IT security strategies, despite clear evidence they are an easy target for cyber criminals.

Commit to assessing your company's print situation. Altodigital's Print Security Advisory Service helps companies develop a cohesive strategy to protect the business.


of security incidents reported by organisations over the past year were print-related.


of organisations reported a print-related data loss incident in the past year (70% for retail).


of IT professionals recognise printers as a high security risk.


Print Devices:
An Overlooked Network Security Risk

Print devices are not getting enough attention in businesses IT security strategy. Cyber threats targeted toward printer and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased more than 200%. 

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Remote attacks

The hacker runs execution code via a multi-function print device’s telephone line. Or they send weaponized Postscript or Office files as a phishing attempt. These strategies bypass firewalls and can be used to then move across the network for further exploits.


Physical attacks

The attacker physically plugs in a USB drive to the print device. If this maneuver is not discovered, the criminal can move through the network to exfiltrate sensitive data.


Exploit old protocols

Or system services typically available on printers to run malware.


Wireless hacking

A smartphone with stolen credentials can send malware to local printers. Taking it a step further, Singapore researchers attached a mobile phone to a drone, and then demonstrated how the device could intercept data to or from an open, wireless print device.


The use of hacking tools

Such as Metasploit or Mimicatz allow hackers to scan the printer and local subnets for data such as user information and admin credentials that can provide access to different networks.


Take advantage of misconfigured devices

Especially those set up with default accounts or passwords.

It's time to protect your business from print security threats. Altodigital's Print Security Advisory Service helps companies develop a cohesive strategy to protect the business.


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