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When any government organisation is choosing a partner for print, IT, communications or document management, it needs to be sure that the choice is correct. Sensitive information flows throughout local and central government buildings on a daily basis and it is your responsibilty to ensure that the information is accesible to those who need it, but protected from those who don't.

Altodigital have experience working with organisations in central and local government, helping to improve processes, increase productivity and ensuring security is always kept as a number one priority.



Ideas for positive change

Many government institutions are the focal points of their community and as such need to pave the way for innovative and environmentally friendly ways of working.

Our experts will work with you to understand your needs and offer recommendations for improvements that will save on valuable resources, which can be allocated elsewhere.



Say goodye to
unwanted paper

There is so much paper that passes through government offices every second of every day. As well as being damaging to your carbon footprint, working with paper is more expensive and can leave you exposed to numerous security and data breaches.

We have a range of scalable software packages that can help you to reduce the amount of paper you use and utilise some of recent the advancements in cloud based collaboration.



Delivering lasting culture change

We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with our customers and working closely with them to help change inefficient cultures that exist amongst staff.

We understand that many people are set in their ways when it comes to how they work and the processes they use. That is why whenever we introduce a solution that may have an effect on the way your staff operate, we work with you to provide communication plans that will help your staff understand the need for the change.


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