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The time of digital transformation has dawned, and with it has come countless new opportunities to reimagine workplace technology. Here at Altodigital, we aim to innovate and empower the country’s workforce through our office solutions. Helping us come up with the next big thing is where our staff come in.

Working at Altodigital and Xerox means you’ll be working with cutting edge technology, whilst helping to bring businesses across the country into the digital age. If you have a passion for innovation through technology, then you’re the candidate we want.


Be part of a globally
diverse community

We know that diversity is imperative to long-term success. Without it, how can you expect to understand or appeal to a diverse customer base?

At Altodigital, we are committed to providing an inclusive work environment where everyone is valued and welcome. We strive to attract talented people from any walk of life and respect every individual for the skills they bring and the contribution they make. 


Why Altodigital

Skill, passion and

As an independent company, partnered with the best technology providers in the industry, we take pride in our ability to offer our customers unrivalled flexibility. Our reputation as an innovative and trustworthy company is known nationwide. 

We are also passionate about the promotion of CSR and strive to lower our own carbon footprint and environmental impact by continuously re-evaluating our processes and services. 


Why Altodigital

35 years of industry

Altodigital is part of Xerox and has grown steadily and consistently for more than three decades to become one of the UK’s most successful and respected office technology specialists. We are a fully accredited supplier with preferred supplier status on many of the UK’s most respected procurement frameworks and offer an unrivalled consultative service. Companies from many different market sectors, both public and private, have benefited from our wealth of experience, and so could you. 


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