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SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

Image: SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

With recent cyber-attacks targeting huge organisations such as the NHS, UK Parliament, TalkTalk and Wonga, it would be easy to think that hackers tend to set their sights on large businesses. However, in reality, SMEs are often the most appealing targets for attackers. Without a team dedicated to cyber security,…


Top safety accreditation

Image: Top safety accreditation

We are delighted to have been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace. Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme, which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations in…


Ransomware and how you can prevent becoming a victim

Image: Ransomware and how you can prevent becoming a victim

Ransomware…The word many US businesses dread to hear, yet a sizeable number of UK SMEs are still unaware of the threat happening throughout the world. This harsh reality has reached such an extent that the FBI is even becoming concerned about its effects. For those that aren’t already…


Making your printing more Eco-friendly

Image: Making your printing more Eco-friendly

Since last year’s Sustainable Innovation Forum in Paris - where more than 40 countries pledged to focus on the detrimental effects of global warming, being environmentally friendly is becoming the main focus for many UK businesses in 2016. However, the challenge remains that many employees in UK SMEs don’t see…


Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Image: Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Due to pressure from various sources, businesses across the country are now facing their toughest challenges regarding their print structure, regardless of size, locality or structure. Wasteful business practices are no longer acceptable and particularly in SMEs, costs are required to be cut. In order to boost energy and cost…


IT Manager Infographic

Image: IT Manager Infographic

Our recent research campaign asked 750 SMEs across the UK how they perceived their IT manager. We found that nearly half of those questioned (47%) rated their I.T. department as among the most important business functions to drive their business forward, compared to finance (44%), admin (35%) and marketing (39%). Almost a further fifth…


Printing for start-up SMEs

Image: Printing for start-up SMEs

Throughout out blog we always talk about large SMEs so what changes when you are a start up? When running a business, print solutions are an essential aspect when it comes to maintaining an efficient company model. Even in this digital age, with many companies leading towards a paperless office…


Managed Print Services – not just for big businesses

Image: Managed Print Services – not just for big businesses

It is a common misconception that, whilst big businesses can have a cost effective managed print service implemented, it isn’t worthwhile if you’re an SME. However, with recent technological advances, this is no longer the case. Whilst it might have been a struggle to upgrade a system affordably…


How to cut print costs

Image: How to cut print costs

SME’s come in all shapes and sizes, however one thing they have in common is that everyone wants to cut their costs. Print costs are, for the most part, seen as unavoidable in many organisations, and it’s seen by many to be an element of company spending that…


3D printing in the office

Image: 3D printing in the office

The media is littered with stories about businesses beginning to embrace the 3D printing trend, creating amazing items like offices, homes, cars and even life-saving body parts. You might think that these are a bit extreme, and not applicable or relevant to the average UK SME, but 3D printers are…


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