Why implement managed print services?

Image: Why implement managed print services?

It’s a common misconception that, whilst big businesses can have a cost effective managed print service implemented, it isn’t worthwhile if you’re a small or medium enterprise. However, with advancements in technologies throughout the field, this is no longer the case. Whilst it might have been a struggle to upgrade a system affordably in past years, it now makes business sense to ensure your business print services run smoothly and effectively. If you’re in two minds about how your business could benefit, check out our points below.

Cost savings

Finances are crucial to every business. Through implementing a full managed print service, businesses have been known to save upwards of 30% compared to organisations using a traditional and outdated system. Services such as pull print are now widely available, and that further aids cost savings and minimises waste. Once you’re utilising an MPS, you’re able to easily budget and plan your printing costs much more accurately, and that gives you much more control over both your costs, and what is printed within your office.


Through implementing an MPS, it means that you have greater control over supplies like paper and toner. The linked nature of all your devices means there will no longer be confusion or struggles when it comes to replenishing supplies. Ultimately, the greater control and monitoring of your print fleet will not only reduce your organisational waste, but will also help lower the carbon footprint of your printer fleet.

Old style systems will not be as energy efficient and that, coupled with the other less effective features of a traditional system, means that sticking with your old printer will probably cost you more. Introducing newer more energy efficient models into your fleet will reduce your demand for energy consumption, and will also save you costs in many other ways, meaning that an initial outlay of funds for a new MPS can save you financially in the long run.


In modern business life, organisation is vital, and if you’re still asking staff to get to grips with a number of unconnected and old print devices, then it isn’t a good use of the business’ time. If staff are able to focus on the core aspects of your business, without having to commit time and resources to your print system, then your business will become greatly more efficient.

Won’t leave you outdated

If you simply buy a printer for the use of your SME, then within a relatively short period of time it will inevitably become outdated. A proper MPS, however, is flexible enough to move with the changing needs of an organisation and the progressions of industry technologies, meaning that your business is not only better equipped now, but also will be for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking to update your print services, or just want to consider the print solutions available to you, make sure you check out the services offered by Altodigital.
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