When turning it ‘off-and-on-again’ goes wrong

Image: When turning it ‘off-and-on-again’ goes wrong

There’s been a huge focus on BA over the last week and a half in the aftermath of its global systems meltdown, which left 75,000 passengers stranded over the bank holiday weekend.

While speculation has been rife over the cause of the IT crash, an external investigation is now underway, which is expected to focus on the possibility that the failure was caused by human error.

In fact, the investigation is reported to be exploring the actions of a technician who switched off and then reconnected the power in what was described as “an uncontrolled and uncommanded fashion that caused physical damage to the servers and distribution panels”.

By turning the system ‘off-and-on-again’, the technician apparently sparked a massive power surge and caused the loss of customer, baggage, flight, and crew information, and required the airline to physically replace the IT infrastructure that had been damaged.

This IT infrastructure failure led to days of disruption for the company and its customers and has racked up a potential compensation bill of £100m.

Thankfully, there are measures that can be used to prevent this mass disruption in a crisis. For companies wishing to protect themselves from similar IT meltdowns, here at Altodigital we offer a range of IT Managed Services to provide a back-up system to ensure continuity for your business.

As part of this, a virtualised version of your IT infrastructure is held at one of our data centres and becomes accessible just moments after any collapse of the physical environment, meaning work can continue as normal. We even offer Document Management services to ensure the information you need is always at your fingertips and you never have to worry about loss of data.

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