What’s your attitude towards document security?

Image: What’s your attitude towards document security?

Here at Altodigital, managed document solutions (MDS) forms a major part of what we do, and to help us understand the issues businesses face in this area, we sought the views of more than 500 decision makers across the UK when it came to document security as well as printer, scanner and photocopier practices.

The findings were fascinating, and really highlighted the crucial importance of document security for organisations. It is, however, unfortunately an issue that often gets forgotten amongst the day-to-day demands of running a business and a lax attitude towards document management can have serious consequences for any business; from compromising confidential data to falling foul of stringent data protection laws.


Here are a few highlights from the study:

There was little awareness from senior staff towards data security, with 45% of businesses not locking away laptops at night, 20% failing to use firewalls, 27% leaving important documents un-shredded, and 34% failing to regularly change security passwords.

More than half of business owners (54%) admitted taking no measures towards protecting the data stored on external print or scanning devices while one-in-six failed to wipe the internal hard drive when the device is given away (11%), dumped (13%) or sold (9.5%).

A third of respondents have already had their IT systems hacked at some stage in the past.

The implications of this could be serious: more than half of businesses regularly scan security-sensitive documents, including passports (56%), birth certificates (44%), utility bills (38%), bank statements or financial records (44%), meaning businesses could risk falling foul of data protection laws.

Proposed new EU regulations could see any company that holds personal information fined 2% of their annual turnover if caught breaking the guidelines – a cost businesses can ill-afford.

We’ll be focusing on some further aspects of our report in the next few weeks, but if you’d like more information about these issues, or details of our suite of managed document solutions, please visit

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