What security issues affect BYOD?

Image: What security issues affect BYOD?

Last month we spoke about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). As part of that blog post (if you missed it, read it here) we briefly spoke about security issues for this, but we felt it deserved more detail.

The idea behind BYOD is for employers to use their personal and work devices for both purposes. On the surface this seems like the perfect way for businesses to become more cost efficient – but are there any risks?

The BYOD trend is expanding rapidly among small and large enterprises. It is becoming apparent that an increasing number of businesses are embracing this new development in a bid to save their finances sufficiently.

Implementing BYOD has the possibility to enhance the working environment for staff members as staff will become more mobile allowing them to interact and connect with their work schedules outside of work. However as good as this sounds companies need to fully understand the effects of applying the BYOD plan into their company and to take into account the overall concept and id it is worth it when it comes to protecting data and saving money.

Organisations need to consider that they are going to have less control over exchanges of information and accessibility of data as staff using BYOD can access information anywhere in the world. This means factors like security will need to be taken into account in order to prevent any breaches and future data loss and theft. “25% of businesses using BYOD at the moment are failing to demand the adequate security features for their employee’s devices, it reveals a very risky hurdle”.  The security risks may lead to companies experiencing additional costs when it comes to supporting different platforms and keeping data secure. In order to avoid security breaches companies should enforce strict regulations.

These few issues can be resolved by putting in place a secure BYOD plan and so, additional costs including licensing fees and support for security can keep company data safe. As well as applying licensing laws, restricting access to certain areas of the network that need the information will improve security. With that said that the overall costs will be far less for organisations with the BYOD plan in place as it is still more cost efficient.

It is fair to say that BYOD is on the rise and continuing to become more popular even with potential security risks that come with it. The only way to prevent and safeguard your company is to put in the appropriate regulations and to make sure your employees are aware of them.

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