What is Cloud Computing and how can it help your business?

Image: What is Cloud Computing and how can it help your business?

What is The Cloud? How does it work? And how do we access it? We’ve all heard of ‘the cloud’, but not all of us are completely sure of what it is, and more importantly, how it works. And with ‘Cloud Computing’ becoming a more and more common term, here’s everything you need to know about the computer trend and how your business can benefit from it…

What is Cloud Computing?

Very simply put, cloud computing is when data is stored over the internet, rather than using traditional hard-drives. This allows you to upload your files for storage and download them again no matter where you are, and also means that if something were to happen to the physical environment, the data is still available to access.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of ‘The Cloud’ are numerous; by setting up a virtual office, Cloud Computing provides businesses with agility and the flexibility for employees to work from anywhere, anytime. It also enables efficient work collaboration. If your business has an ongoing project across different locations, Cloud Computing means employees, contractors and third parties can all easily access the same files.

Utilising ‘The Cloud’ could also help to reduce your company’s IT costs. Instead of buying expensive systems and equipment, you can use the resources of your cloud computing service provider, meaning you don’t have to manage or maintain the services yourself. ‘The Cloud’ can also easily adjust to your company’s storage needs, whether this involves scaling up or scaling down, and is again all handled by your service provider.

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