What does a VoIP system cost?

With remote working, the need for increased business efficiency and potential for reducing costs by securing better call, lower maintenance rates, etc it makes sense to invest in the latest VoIP technology, as the benefits you secure far outweigh the investment required.

“It’s been said that some businesses can expect to save between 50% and 70% of their current spend as a consequence of investing in VoIP.”

VoIP telephony is not expensive – quite the opposite!

It’s perhaps no surprise to find out that typical monthly costs for a VoIP solution vary.  It will depend on the subscription/route you prefer. 

Generally speaking VoIP packages typically involve two types of cost – a line rental fee, and the cost of calls made.  Beyond that, you need to decide if you want to have a fully managed, off-site solution for your PBX (through a hosted contact centre), or prefer to install and manage your telephony in-house, through your IT department. But that’s just the start. Costs also depend on the size of your business, right through to the features you require.

Beyond the price of the VoIP package itself, you should also consider any other costs that might be relevant such as headsets, whether you need a stronger network connection, any webcams etc. There could also be some one-off, upfront costs involved with the design, deployment and configuration of your VoIP system and any in-house training you require.

Did you know we can save you 50-70% of your current telephone spending?

Don’t forget there is massive potential for making significant savings on calls, hardware, maintenance, running costs etc

Whichever set-up you prefer, there is huge potential for significant call savings (UK and overseas), removal of the burden and costs associated with ongoing telephony maintenance and of hardware costs, etc. It’s a scalable solution that can grow as you do. 

You shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that by improving connectivity to and for your workforce, and supporting the ways they work – on the move, on the go, at home, on the train etc – you are saving utility costs in terms of heating, lighting and generally powering their office space.

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A much cheaper way of making calls - and that includes dialling internationally!

The great news is that calls made through a VoIP network are considerably cheaper. For those that work overseas on a regular basis, you also benefit from the same call rates, without incurring additional costs. 

It’s been said that some businesses can expect to save between 50% and 70% of their current spend as a consequence of investing in VoIP.

Any cost that your business incurs has to be offset against the benefits secured and the value it adds. We think VoIP is worth the investment; in fact with 45% of UK businesses now using it, it seems that we’re not alone!

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