Unified Communications – what do you need to know?

Image: Unified Communications – what do you need to know?

Communications solutions are crucial to a business, especially with the ever-growing trend of remote working. And with the great flexibility of unified communications, companies could benefit hugely from the services on offer. But what exactly is unified communications?

What is it?

Unified communications is an integrated service comprising of different communication methods, including telephones, instant messaging, video conferencing, emails and fax. Unified communications solutions help businesses to streamline all of these different channels of communication to ensure all systems and software are connected to each other. This means that if employees are working remotely, they can see what device is currently being used by their colleagues, and how best to contact them.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous advantages of unified communications solutions, for example, having an integrated service means a company can optimise its business processes, which in turn increases efficiency and reduces costs. Rather than paying for various different products, investing in unified communications gives a company access to all the essential tools in one single cost.

As well as this, unified communications can improve productivity levels at work. By combining the different channels of communications into one single platform, employees can more easily and quickly communicate with colleagues in remote locations, by seeing exactly what channel to contact that colleague on in real time.

Additionally, unified communications can contribute to lowering a company’s carbon footprint, by making it easier for colleagues to work remotely, limiting the need for employees to travel.
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