Transform your workplace with digital technology

Image: Transform your workplace with digital technology

As businesses around the country are welcoming employees back into the office, for many for the first time in 18 months. Businesses are rethinking their working environment to ensure safety, security and the ability to work flexibly.

They are looking for new ways they can use technology to create a smart and safe working environment. One that not only improves safety and security but one that also improves productivity.

At Altodigital, we provide a range of digital services that can transform your workplace and help your business take a smarter approach to flexible working.

From Digital Sign In to Xerox Digital Mailroom, we can help you streamline and automate your processes. Ensuring you maximise efficiencies and provide your employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Here is an overview of the services we offer.

Digital Sign In

Make paper-based logbooks a thing of the past with Digital Sign In. Allow employees and visitors to sign in quickly and easily via our GDPR and ISO 27001 certified device. The fully flexible platform allows you to customise the information you require from each visitor as well as how your staff are notified.

As each guest signs in, your team will receive a notification to let them know a visitor has arrived. They will also receive the visitor’s Sign In image which is taken from the built-in camera for instant printing onto visitor badges.

Digital Sign In can also help with timesheets, employees sign in and out by tapping their personal ID card on the integrated proximity card reader. The Sign In app then builds a central picture of working hours to give your HR and financial teams the information they need for timesheets.

In addition to streamlining the sign in process, Digital Sign In also provides you with an accurate evacuation list. Accessible through the mobile app, you can quickly and easily ensure the safety of your employees and guests in the event of an emergency.

Arena Mstore

Quickly and efficiently store, share, track, process and manage documents electronically with Mstore. Transform the way you work and create a paperless office whilst driving productivity and minimising costs.

Easy integration with other systems and databases including industry and function specific applications, provides a secure reference point for all your documents. Mstore delivers accessibility, security and trackability all from a single, easy to use platform.

MailaDoc Smart Mail & MailaDoc Hybrid Mail

Easily create engaging customer communications with MailaDoc HybridMail.  Simply prepare your document and we will remotely print and post it to your recipient list, helping you free up the time of your team so they can focus on more business critical tasks.

The simplicity of MailaDoc Smart Mail can help your business elevate your print communications, helping you to build stronger relationships with your customers and drive better results with cross-media campaigns. MailaDoc Hybrid Mail can help you revolutionise the way you mail.

Xerox Digital Mailroom

Automate and streamline all incoming mail and correspondence and document processing, whether a paper letter, a fax or an email. The mailroom of the majority of businesses is bursting with opportunities to transform manual document processes into efficient, seamless digital workflows.

Xerox Digital Mailroom provides businesses with a cost-effective way to process incoming mail that improves collaboration, maximises productivity and informs decision making.

Xerox Digital Hub & Cloud Print Services

Slow processes, inconsistent quality and hidden costs often sabotage businesses efforts in creating customised and personalised communication materials. But Xerox Digital Hub & Cloud Printing Services can help businesses achieve fast, cost-controlled services for the design, production and delivery of both print and digital materials.

Featuring an easy-to-use web storefront that provides anytime access to customisable marketing materials combined with real-time status and cost reporting makes Xerox Digital Hub & Cloud Printing Services an invaluable resource to businesses.

Xerox Accounts Payable Services

With Xerox Accounts Payable Services businesses of all sizes can automate invoice processing. Tailor-made capabilities mean that you can customise your invoices to include the information you need.

Capture, digitise and extract data from physical and digital invoices, regardless of format, and automate the processing and storage of incoming documents. Xerox Accounts Payable Services also helps strengthen regulatory compliance by providing a complete audit trail.

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