Top tips for print cost savings

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As we outlined in our previous blog, as much as we’d like to think we’re making advancements towards a paperless office, and progress that is being made is relatively slow. The workplace is a busy environment, and with word processed documents being produced in vast quantities, and hundreds of emails zipping their way to your inbox each day, it’s easy to see why print costs can soon rack up. Just by establishing with your workforce however, that you’re looking to reduce paper and ink usage can be a real catalyst in the battle to reduce costs. If this sounds like something that needs addressing in your office, here are some top tips.

Stay digital
Emails are a great form of communication, and although many of us have an inbox that is inundated with messages, there’s no need to print out any of the correspondence. Many people turn to printing out a hard copy when their inbox gets overwhelmingly full, in an effort to make sure important conversations aren’t missed or forgotten. However, in the digital ere we live, there should be no need to print out documents that will simply be read once and then discarded. Employ a thorough filing system with your emails, and categorise any incoming correspondence. It might seem simple, but it’s an easy step to reduce costs.

Review thoroughly
It’s inevitable that some items will require printing, however before you carry out the job, make sure you review the article to make sure that it’s correct in every way, from spelling and grammar to layout and formatting. When working on spreadsheets, it’s common for the page layout to not fit adequately on an A4 size, so make sure that the page orientation of the document doesn’t lead to 10 sheets streaming out of your printer. Likewise, always carry out a thorough spell check of your work prior to printing, as the last thing you want is to notice an on screen error immediately after hitting print.

Recycle paper
If you’re printing an internal document where it doesn’t need to be in pristine condition, why not recycle paper? No matter how hard you try to eradicate print mistakes, it’s highly likely that print mistakes will be made and you’ll be left with scrap paper with wrongly printed material on. If this sounds familiar, don’t simply discard the paper, as for internal documents that won’t be seen by clients or business outsiders, it can be re-used.

Cut colour and quality
When word processing, there are many obvious and easy ways to reduce your costs if printing is a necessity. Simple tips include making sure you print documents in black and white, or greyscale where possible, and if a document doesn’t need to be in the highest quality, make sure you set to draft in print properties to reduce ink consumption.

Switch off
It might not save on ink and paper costs, however the energy consumption of an electronic device can be relatively large. When leaving the office at the end of the day, you can save huge amounts by ensuring that all equipment is switched fully off, and not left running or on standby. It might seem pedantic to switch things off standby, however it’s always the most sustainable option when the office is closing for the evening.


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