Top 5 reasons why you have to embrace VoIP

So you’ve heard about VoIP, know that 45% of UK businesses are now using it, and that the communications industry is growing and set to dramatically transform the way businesses organise their telephony systems? But do you fully appreciate why now could be the time to invest?

“Businesses are waking up to VoIP. With significant savings between 50% and 70% in some cases, it’s worth the investment.“

Here are 5 key reasons why your business needs VoIP.

1. Potential for saving money

Replacing your old landline telephony system can result in significant cost savings.  It has been estimated that you can secure between 50% and 70% of your spend.  That’s down to call savings, the removal of the need for costly hardware and ongoing maintenance fees and general efficiency savings given it empowers your workforce to work more efficiently wherever they are in the world.

2. Supports flexible, mobile working

Connectivity is key in terms of supporting the way we all now work.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, with over 50% of employees spending half the working week outside of the office, your business telephony systems need to provide seamless ‘on the go’ connectivity in terms of connecting businesses with their customers, and customers with their businesses.  VoIP also facilitates better office collaboration, leading to greater productivity.

Did you know we can save you 50-70% of your current telephone spending?

3. Easy to use, maintain and entirely scalable

A VoIP telephony solution can be managed in-house, or through a hosted contact centre. Either way, it streamlines the need for maintenance (and minimises downtime), saves costs, is much easier to maintain and is entirely scalable, so as your business communication needs change, so can your telephony system.

4. Future proofs your business

You need to be constantly looking to the future. In the next few years, telecoms provider, including BT will be phasing out traditional ISDN and PSTN services (BT from as early as 2020). You, therefore, need to be looking at viable alternatives if you are to maintain connectivity. Being caught out could lead to operational, cost and efficiency issues that are entirely avoidable.

5. Improves customer relations/retention

With advanced voicemail, improved telecommunications, and automatic call forwarding and a host of other features, many options within the VoIP system will delight your customers.

Client now want and expect immediate access to your workforce, with seamless connectivity and an immediate response to their questions and requests. A VoIP solution will help you to rise to the expectations of your customers - however demanding they are!

Speak to our sales team to see how VOIP can work for your business

It comes down to saving cost, creating value, greater mobility, enhanced business continuity and excellent connectivity

If these are things you want for your business, then VoIP is a perfect fit.

To find out even more about our VoIP and telecoms services click here to visit our dedicated Telecoms page.

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