Tim Hubbard reflects on 25 years with Altodigital and why the best is yet to come

Image: Tim Hubbard reflects on 25 years with Altodigital and why the best is yet to come

Twenty five years ago today I began a journey which has proved to be my Raison d’Etre.

That journey is Altodigital. A company that has grounded me and shaped me into the person I am today.

It is 788 million seconds since I first met our CEO James Abrahart along with the Alto board and it was James who was like a father figure to me in those early years.

I must admit that I was so eager to secure my first job in the industry I told West Midlands Copiers I had posted them a CV (Even though I clearly hadn’t) but it got me in the door and the rest is history.

We were acquired by Alto shortly after and over the next quarter of a century I have travelled the country, travelled the world and met some fantastic people.

The different Alto hats I have worn have been varied. New business manager, account manager, regional sales manager, general manager and now I am absolutely loving life in corporate business development focusing on large enterprises.

Relationships have always been my focus and I have tried to be a big brother and mentor to others. There are so many emotions when I see younger colleagues like James Mason, Adam Granger and Stuart Kershaw becoming the future of Altodigital. To have played a small part in their growth fills me with pride.

As well as relationships with colleagues and friends, I have found partnership working has become part of my DNA. I hope that any of my customers would say that first and foremost I put them first and care about their success.

There have been hundreds of customers and too many to mention here. But I must say that as I write this reflection on the past, I am so excited about the future of Altodigital.

Our plans for growth, the way the business is developing. What a great opportunity for any young aspiring salesperson to get involved.

I won’t go on for another 25 years. But do I feel like the best years of my Altodigital journey are just beginning?

You bet I do!

Tim Hubbard    Tim Hubbard 

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