The Role of Digital Print in Production

Image: The Role of Digital Print in Production

In the world of production print, digital printing is often overlooked as it is assumed that it is not capable of achieving the same results as traditional production print. It is also thought that it is only suitable for a limited range of jobs and that it’s much more expensive. But digital printing delivers more versatility and can increase your capabilities, profit and productivity.

While currently only 3% of the 50 trillion pages printed worldwide every year are printed digitally, many businesses are now realising the benefits of the technology resulting in a big shift towards digital printing. As trends towards shorter print runs with variable information continue to grow, the demand for digital print is expanding.

Making the leap from traditional production print to digital print may seem daunting, but with change comes the opportunity to expand your capabilities, maximise productivity, lower costs and increase profit margins.

Digital print technologies such as the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press can help you offer the high-value options customers today demand. Customers are increasingly expecting more from their print and are looking to gain a competitive edge with accurate brand colours, varied finished sizes and specialist finish options such as embellishment effects.

The flexibility of digital printing is one of its biggest benefits, but the automation and built-in intelligence features included in the Xerox® iGen®5 Press can help significantly reduce setup, enhance image quality, lower labour costs and accelerate turnaround times.

The advantages of digital printing

Digital printing has many advantages over traditional production print, including:

High-quality printing

Not only is the quality of digital print higher, but it is also more consistent. The colours display on the prints perfectly without the common issue of harsh lines and the quality remains the same throughout the entire run meaning that the last print will be exactly the same as the first.

Perfect for short runs

Customers today often want shorter runs with variable, personalised information which can be cost-prohibitive with traditional production print. But digital printing is ideal for short to medium sized runs and can provide a quick turnaround and without the need for any pre-press procedures or plates, the initial setup time is greatly reduced.

Greater flexibility and versatility

Digital print can help you expand your capabilities and unlock the door to a world of opportunities that aren’t possible with traditional production print. Digital printers have large media ranges and support printing on a wide range of substrates such as metallics, darks and synthetics.

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