The office printer & the enemy within?

Image: The office printer & the enemy within?

Over recent months there has been high profile coverage around the security of data and sensitive documents, such breaches have huge impacts on an organisations reputation and can significantly damage their brands, not to mention the financial and legal implications. It is important for businesses that they re-evaluate their existing printing and MFD fleet to enhance security, minimise waste and promote more flexible printing practices

In the IT arena security continues to be a key item high on the agenda, but protecting and securing the print environment is still an area which continues to be overlooked by the majority of organisations and the risks are significant.

Across all business sectors adoption of multi-functional devices (MFDs) assist in cost reduction and a greener carbon footprint, but their ability to print, copy, scan and fax, leaves everything that goes through the device extremely vulnerable. Just as with any computer, MFDs have a hard drive which stores every piece of information that is processed through it.


It has never been more important to invest in the safe management and security of printing devices and MFDs. Left in the wrong place, faxed, printed, scanned and copied documents are as vulnerable as any other piece of information that an organisation manages. With more onerous EU proposals being introduced with regards to the protection, management and handling of personal data, companies large and small are required by law to introduce more stringent levels of document security that comply with the new guidance.

Any organisation that holds personal information is affected, irrespective of size, turnover or structure. Whether you are maintaining patient records, storing payroll information, private employee details, or managing any other confidential lists, you will have to comply with the new EU rules and be able to demonstrate how and why you use, manage and protect sensitive data.


The fact is, left unsecured printers and MFDs can pose a significant security risk. As shared printing environments become more complex and increasingly mobile employees print from smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices, there is a real chance that your sensitive documents could end up in unauthorised hands.

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