The benefits of BYOD in the workplace

Image: The benefits of BYOD in the workplace

As the office modernises, new trends emerge. One of the most prominent in recent times is the rise of BYOD, or ‘bring your own device’. This is the term used to describe the ever-growing allowance by firms for employees to bring in and connect their personal devices, and use them for work.
Like many other examples of emerging office trends, BYOD is not without its flaws, with many pointing to potential security risks and claiming the policy simply isn’t practical. Yet there is no doubt BYOD is a fresh approach that employees appreciate. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing a BYOD policy.

Cost cutting
The first clear advantage of implementing a BYOD policy is the savings it can bring to an office. If an employee is granted the chance to use their own equipment, and chooses to do so, this cuts out the need for office-purchased devices. Repeat this principle across a whole firm and the financial benefits for a business soon become clear.

Each and every one of us have peculiar traits and patterns in how we work. Granting a member of staff the option to use their own device, be it their own laptop or smartphone, allows the employee to use a piece of technology they know back to front. This will lead to a more efficient worker. By reducing the teething issues often associated with office-provided tech, employees can simply get on with the job in hand, with the technology they are suited to most.

A personal device holds a benefit in its namesake: it is personal. This fact means that the device remains with the worker, and provides a whole new form of flexibility for them. This is win-win, with an employer gaining a more flexible workforce overall, and the worker having a fresh, flexible way to work - be it in the office, on the move or at home. BYOD policy is a sure fire way to make your workforce a lot for flexible.

Attractive employer
Recent studies have shown that millennials look negatively upon non-smart offices. BYOD is one of the key trends behind the smart office movement, and by not giving the policy a chance, you are potentially deterring plenty of talent from joining your firm. Adopting the policy not only gives you all the benefits listed above, but can make your business an attractive prospect for the next generation of talent.

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