The benefits of a document management system

Image: The benefits of a document management system

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly have heard about how a document management system [DMS] can aid your organisation. However even if you’ve heard the term banded about, you might not know of the effects it can have on a business. If you’re unaware of the effects and particularly the benefits, then you’re unlikely to fully buy in to a system. If you’re caught in two minds, check out these points and get your head around.

Revolutionise your systems
If your office is still stuck in the 20th century, it could be costing you vast amounts of cash. We all know how expensive office space is, so it goes without saying that you want to minimise the amount that gets wasted for storage. Items like filing cabinets are bulky and a poor use of space, especially if you’re a growing business. With document and data capture technologies becoming more and more readily available, now is the perfect time to turn all your old files digital. It’s quick, easy and means you’ll no longer be inundated with masses of paperwork.

Document management solutions aren’t a hindrance
You might think that turning all of your paperwork into digital copy is a risky business, with server crashes and missing data being potential problems. Hard drive failure and a major server crashes are valid concerns, as either of these possibilities can make you lose thousands of important business documents. As long as you follow best practice, however, you’ll find that a DMS actually reduces business risks. Physical documents are at risk of being stolen or damaged by disasters like fire, so with a DMS, you can mirror your files on a backup server and create a number of backup databases in separate locations. This way, you’ll never lose your files, even when your main server goes down.

Improve efficiency
Old style systems inevitably lead to old style work habits. If you’re lacking an effective DMS, it will undoubtedly have an effect on not only the standard of work but also the output of your staff. Unclear systems, or ones which are clunky and old are more prone to document losses than new, modern systems. Not only will your documents be less secure in an old system, you also won’t make the most of your workforce, as their output will be noticeably poorer. Providing staff with all the access they need to carry out their job means they won’t waste time searching files or leafing through hard copies.

Cost and time
For many business owners, the thought of implementing a whole new system has them jumping to conclusions of high cost and prolonged maintenance being required. In the past, such systems will have been costly and could have taken upwards of six months to implement. That is no longer the case , as you can now benefit from subscription-based systems- which keep the price down, and  which are significantly more affordable options. In terms of implementation timescale you can get your DMS project up and running within just two to three weeks.

If you’re considering an update of your document solutions, make sure you check out the many ways in which Altodigital can help you out.

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