Technology to keep staff productive

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The workplace of today strives for technological advances that will significantly improve office productivity. The biggest problem facing UK businesses is deciding whether a piece of technology is just a passing fad or worth investing in, and the best time to introduce it. To make your life a little easier, we have created a shortlist of popular and upcoming technology concepts and how they can be used in the workplace to enhance staff productivity.

Big Pads
Smartboards and touchscreens are quite commonly found in the classrooms and office spaces of today, but using the same initial concept, a new board is making its debut on the office scene – Big Pads. Big Pads are based on being user-friendly and offering high quality processing, making it more efficient for staff and office use as a whole, and to make those meetings go swimmingly. 

3D Printing
3D printing is revolutionising printing technology as we know it. Using specific software, offices are able to create virtually anything in 3D form with the click of a button. It’s an exciting concept for businesses to get on board with, and can provide a number of benefits: from creating a greener office by reducing your carbon footprint, to saving costs on office equipment.

Working and living in a communication-driven era, there is an abundant amount of software for enhancing communication within the workplace. Updating software is critical; introducing new platforms like Slack can allow for better collaboration and improve staff performance across the board. This is especially true for growing SMEs with a small office, where it can get quite loud with everyone talking over each other.

Another concept that seems futuristic and that some offices are wary of introducing is biometrics, a technology that could greatly improve the productivity of the workplace. Using physical and behavioural characteristics to identify individuals, it eliminates the need for archaic systems like passwords, making it harder for unauthorised users to access accounts or projects. Aside from the obvious convenience factor, it provides an extra level of security which is ideal with the emergence of out of office working. It also keeps a clear record of activity on various projects, making it easier to hold appropriate parties accountable in the case of error.

AR, VR, and AI
As the newest technology on the list, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality haven’t been properly implemented into the workplace, so not much is known about the benefits to workplace and staff. However, there is great anticipation in how this will affect office working and advance everyday office conditions. Often viewed as more of a novelty than anything else, it might be wise to not write them off just yet, as they could be implemented into the workplace sooner than we know!

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