SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

Image: SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

With recent cyber-attacks targeting huge organisations such as the NHS, UK Parliament, TalkTalk and Wonga, it would be easy to think that hackers tend to set their sights on large businesses. However, in reality, SMEs are often the most appealing targets for attackers.

Without a team dedicated to cyber security, SMEs can often overlook security precautions, meaning that they are more vulnerable to attacks. In fact, a recent global survey found that less than 30% of SMEs believe they are completely ready to manage IT security, and are underestimating the threat of an attack.

But SMEs could take just a few simple steps to make it harder for cyber criminals to attack their business, and make them a less appealing target. Here are our top three tips:

1. Keep software up-to-date

As was the case with the NHS attack, out-of-date software can make it easier for hackers to enter the system and access the whole network. Ensuring that all current operation systems are completely up to date will make the business less susceptible to attack.

2. Invest in a firewall

While most operating systems come with a built in firewall, these are not sufficient in protecting against determined hackers. By investing in a stronger firewall, hackers are faced with putting more time and effort into breaking into the network, instantly making the business less appealing.

3. Be prepared

If the worst happens, and your business falls victim to a cyberattack, you could lose every piece of data you have. By backing up your data through cloud solutions, or having a virtual IT infrastructure, your data will remain accessible in the worst eventuality.

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