Saving the world with Managed Document Solutions

Image: Saving the world with Managed Document Solutions

Being environmentally sustainable has become such a high profile issue that it is now part of the UN Global Goals.

The past ten years have seen significant developments in household recycling, from developments in waste pickups, to using energy saving light bulbs and many homes now having solar panels on our roofs.

But has this crossed over to the workplace? Many companies are keen to embrace greener working practices but are concerned that it would be costly to implement, overly complicated to introduce and would be a drain on already outstretched resources. The reality is that the very reverse is true with managed document services, meaning you can transfer the environmentally conscious attitude you practice in your own home into the workplace, without hassle and cost effective.

Managed document services were designed to improve the management and deployment of your print and document infrastructure. There were not originally conceived as a way to become a greener enterprise but the benefits associated with the implementation of managed document services not only enhance your business by making it a more streamlined and efficient machine, they also make an impact from a green perspective.

For example managed document services will reduce your business’ power consumption by improving the efficiency and reducing the number of devices you operate. Diminishing your waste output and consumption of consumables with the introduction of automated processes can make you savings of up to 40% on your energy bills.

All of these contribute to your business having a reduced impact on the environment. Functioning as a greener operation can also empower your staff to embrace and support environmental practices.

The best way to get staff on board with managed document services is through introducing ‘Green Ambassadors’ - members of your team who are passionate about protecting the environment and want to make a difference.

Enthusiasm and dedication from within your team will be the most effective way of persuading your staff to make the most of managed document services. Becoming a greener enterprise doesn’t have to be problematic with the right processes in place.

Managed document services will take away the hassle of monitoring, implementing and managing green working practices. In the same way your local council manages recycling, managed document solutions take the problem out of your hand and simply present solutions that are easy for your business to operate and maintain.

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