Revolutionising your office with IoT

Image: Revolutionising your office with IoT

Internet of things: adjective – used to describe collective technologies linked and powered via the internet.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is the network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable them to exchange data with other connected devices. We use this technology every day when printing something wirelessly to a specific printer for example.
IoT has become increasingly popular in our homes - there is nothing better than controlling your heating from your tablet, or even putting the kettle on via your phone.

So how can you use IoT in the office to your advantage? The options for IoT in an office environment are nearly as limitless as 3D printing (see our blog post on that here) – helping to make your office more efficient, environmentally friendly and professional. It will not only make your life easier, but it’s also a pretty cool addition to the office to impress your clients.

Security is one of the most important factors to take into account when setting up your business. You want to be sure that when you leave at night your equipment will still be there the next morning.

Networked cameras can send streaming videos straight to your phone or tablet, allowing you to see whose approaching and leaving your office (or other confidential spaces like your server room.) If you’re uneasy about your workers being in the office without you or a receptionist, this can give you added peace of mind.

Motion sensors are not only perfect for security, but they can also be great if you’re trying to create an energy-efficient business. They will program your lights to power on and off when people enter and leave, these can also work in sync with the camera’s and have the system let you know when someone’s entered the office.

If your staff never return keys when they leave the company, smart locks will make this obsolete, they will ensure you never have to worry about it again. Instead you could just update your key-codes on your smartphone.

Everyday use

Security is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IoT. Products can be linked up to make your employee’s lives easier and your office as energy efficient as possible, saving the environment, and your company, money!

The days of getting up to answer the door just to find out who is there are long gone. IoT doorbells will make it so you can see and talk to visitors using your smartphone. Even if you aren’t at the office.

Dim and control lighting from your smartphone, or program the lights to turn off automatically at a set time. This is another product that will put you ahead of the game when running a green office. If you have the smart lock you can link them to work together and turn on the lights when the door opens.
Your office thermostats can be programmed for night and weekends, so you aren’t air-conditioning or heating empty cubicles. It is estimated that this can save you approximately £1,500 on yearly bills.

If your staff keep getting blinded on a hot summers day, you can program your window blinds to move with the sun so staff never have a reason to wear shades inside again.


When entertaining clients, you can take IoT that extra mile and ensure you look ahead of the game with incredible technology advancements.

Wireless monitors can text your smartphone when your plants need water or sunlight – though maybe this is a bit extravagant and you still need to water them yourself.

At around £200 a bulb, you would be forgiven for thinking that a bit of snazzy lighting is a quite pricey, but if you host a lot of events, this is one that could definitely work in your favour. The lights come with a unique mobile app that allows you to upload photos and find a lighting shade to match a specific colour in the photo, anything from a client’s outfit to your company logo.

Water gauges can do anything from check the water levels on your fish tank to sending you notifications when you have a flood or leak in the office.

Finally, imagine walking into a spare conference room and it books the room out centrally as soon as you enter or walking into a conference room and your PowerPoint presentation automatically coming up on the screen. Impressive right? Well this can be a reality, by detecting your smartphone as you walk through the door this technology will get everything ready for you.

Some of these products can be pricey and of course if you purchased them all, your tablet wouldn’t have much memory left. However the benefits far outweigh to cons, from security to making a life much easier and ensuring your employees wellbeing. IoT have pretty much everything. Altodigital are constantly looking at innovating all their products and IoT is one way we do that, we suggest you should too.

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