Reflections on Work Experience by Lucy Sharpe

Image: Reflections on Work Experience by Lucy Sharpe

Lucy Sharpe, a student from the Kingswinford Academy took time out this week to share her experiences of a week at Alto HQ

I walked into Altodigital with Michelle - the only person I knew – and was stuck to her side as I had no confidence to speak to any of the workers.

I was immediately welcomed by such friendly people with bright smiles on their faces and throughout my whole time they made me feel so welcome.

My placement allowed me to visit each department to learn about the hard work they do, and I saw the close friendships they had.

I went to HR to learn about health & safety with Daniel Gough and although he warned me it might be the most boring part he still kept it as interesting as possible for a teenager and we spoke about Bob’s Business and something called ISO 27001.

I later spent time with the Alto Logistics team although I felt bad as they had so
much work to do and were extremely busy. Just like everyone else there they took real pride in their job.

Through all the hard work and focus that happens at Alto, everyone was able to enjoy their jobs and make it memorable for me. Perhaps my most embarrassing moment is one I will never forget when I was putting a stress ball in a box and it bounced and accidently hit one of my managers, but he took it well!

I felt most comfortable with the finance department who obviously have great friendships and make sure they get through an exceptional amount of work with good teamwork.

Sitting in IT with Reece was also really eye opening, as it showed how important IT security is to everyone at Alto. This was something I hadn’t really thought about.

I also worked with the call centre, facilities, sales & marketing.

My week at Altodigital has been entertaining and has enlightened me on the world of work and the path a technology company should take for success.

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