Protect the Environment with Managed Document Services

Image: Protect the Environment with Managed Document Services

If the impact of your business on the environment is giving you cause for concern then you could consider implementing managed document services. Many organisations are keen to become a greener operation for a number of reasons but have no idea where to begin.

A good place to start is overhaul your print and document infrastructure with managed document services. Designed to control and regulate print output, managed document services introduce automated processes. Assuming control of workflows in this way has numerous benefits that also impact on the effect your business has on the environment.

One of the key areas where a major difference can be made is through print volume. If your business is printing reams and reams of paper on a daily basis the ecological implications are self explanatory. Controlling who can print what, when and how much can dramatically reign in print output minimising waste and as a result any associated negative environmental impact. Managed document services will also introduce the means to store documents electronically which means the necessity to print records, reports, invoices and faxes is removed as they are all stored securely in an easily accessible location.

Managing your print output will also mean that the consumption of supplies such as paper, toner and ink will be regulated. If less printing is being produced then less consumables are used. Again this reduction supports endeavours to protect the environment by reducing the amount of consumables your businesses gets through and its reliance on the wider supply chain as you will require less to be delivered.

Many businesses are suffering from increased energy bills and in these tough financial times operational costs can make or break a business. Managed document services can help to reduce your operational expenditure through the effective management of your print fleet and make print cost savings of up to 40% on your energy bills. The management of your devices is actually more complex than you’d think and the number of devices in operation can contribute to wasteful print output levels. If your business has numerous desktop printers being used by individual members of staff you could be spending money unnecessarily through print production and the maintenance and running of the devices. Both of these financial costs to your business also have environmental implications through the use of consumables already discussed and the drain on energy resources. Streamlining and maintained your devices so that they are constantly running to optimum levels will remedy these issues and save your business money.

Many of the businesses we work with are initially concerned that greener working practices will be complicated, a drain on resources and costly to implement. The good news is that with managed document services the reverse is the case. You can quickly start to implement practices that will protect the environment and save your business time and money. To discover more take a look at our website


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