Managing an acquisiton during a pandemic

Image: Managing an acquisiton during a pandemic

This week our Managing Director Dave Gibson reflects on the challenges of working through an acquisition during a Global Pandemic….

Covid-19 has been a global tragedy. So many lives lost with families and communities changed forever. The impact on businesses has also been profound and sadly many won’t survive the biggest corporate challenge many of us have ever had to face.

When we agreed our acquisition with Xerox early in 2020, none of us anticipated the backdrop against which the biggest moment in Altodigital’s history would be taking place.

We have furloughed staff, seen reduced income streams and faced all of the challenges being experienced by so many. Our journey to a newly acquired world suddenly lost many of the tools that would ordinarily make the passage a smooth one.

But we have risen to the challenge and the last two months have been so rewarding for me personally and for us as a newly acquired business.

We have adapted our communications to allow staff and customers to be fully informed about our new partnership with Xerox, we have developed new relationships over virtual meetings and we have come together to meet the challenges of Coronavirus head on.

Our staff have been innovative and resolute. We have developed a diverse package of support for those who are homeworking including hardware support, VPN and Cloud based services.

Our new Hand Sanitiser kiosks are a game changer for us as they will help stop the spread of germs and keep our customers safe. We have a range of thermal cameras to monitor employee temperatures and in partnership with Xerox have developed a ‘Back-to-Work’ catalogue including signage to allow safe working practices.

Getting to know our new friends at Xerox and the other Xerox acquired companies has been such a positive experience. It’s easy to forget that just a few months ago these were our competitors but we look forward to building on strong foundations with colleagues at ITEC, Arena and Concept.

Would we have chosen to go through acquisition alongside such global uncertainty? Absolutely not. Have my team risen to the challenge with the same ingenuity that I have witnessed throughout the past 30 years with Altodigital? Absolutely yes!

We are part of the Xerox group. We are meeting the Covid-19 challenge. We are Altodigital.

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