Making your printing more Eco-friendly

Image: Making your printing more Eco-friendly

Since last year’s Sustainable Innovation Forum in Paris - where more than 40 countries pledged to focus on the detrimental effects of global warming, being environmentally friendly is becoming the main focus for many UK businesses in 2016.

However, the challenge remains that many employees in UK SMEs don’t see spontaneous print jobs as having an effect on the overall print output of a company. Changing staff attitudes is an ongoing task and isn’t always as simple as telling employees ‘not to print unless it’s absolutely necessary.’

Excessive printing not only uses up a large amount of energy and paper, it also leads to high costs, which can easily be cut with a few simple changes to your daily routine. We’ve put together some top tips on how to become as environmentally friendly as possible while still taking advantage of printing freely.

Recycle Paper
Instead of throwing away the paper used in the workplace such as reports, printed emails, and drafted documents, try re-using them as note paper in the first instance. When you no longer have a use for the documents, recycle them instead of just discarding it in the usual office bin. Using recycled printing paper in the first instance will save money and impress clients with your sustainability ethic when handing out those meeting agendas.

Eco-friendly consumables
Evaluating the type of printer ink you use is another way to make sure your printing is as green as possible. There are various inks available, such as those with a vegetable oil or soy base. Opting for an eco-friendly ink is a great way of preserving the quality of your printing, while at the same time helping the environment by not using a printer ink that is harmful to the environment.

Another way to stay green with your print equipment is to recycle your print cartridges. Remanufactured ink cartridges can cost as little as 10% of the price of a brand new unit. A massive 85% of printer cartridges sold in the UK aren’t recycled, meaning that they end up in landfill sites across the UK, taking on average 1,000 years to decompose. Combat this by choosing to buy remanufactured units, not only will you save your company money, but do your bit to help the environment too!

Page setup
The majority of printers are automatically setup by default to print one-sided and in colour. A simple few clicks of your mouse allows you to print duplex, in turn, instantly cutting your paper usage in half. Changing to print in black and white is also very quick and easy and is a cost effective way of keeping consumables costs low, along with your bills.

Sleep Mode
Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean your printer has to be constantly on. When working in the office and the printer is not being used, it can be switched onto energy save mode; saving the company not only energy, but money as well. By switching off your printer every night before leaving work, it ensures that no extra energy is being wasted and actually prolongs the life of your printer too.

By choosing to print in an environmentally friendly way, you save energy, waste, money, and also help your office to become a ‘greener’ place to work. Tweet us your best tips to becoming environmentally friendly @Altodigital.

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