Make your Business Greener with Document Management Systems

Image: Make your Business Greener with Document Management Systems

Businesses are under ever increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit towards preserving and protecting the environment. It’s not only regulations and public opinion that are causing many organisations to consider embracing greener practices for many the rising cost of energy prices are having a huge financial impact.

Many businesses are reluctant to even contemplate a greener way of life because they think it will be highly complex to implement, incredibly time consuming and expensive. However, there is a relatively stress free way to improve your green credentials and improve office efficiency.

Document management systems can transform your business into a greener operation by tackling your infrastructure head on. Rationalising internal processes with efficient and highly effective technology solutions and re-educating your team.

Document Management Systems will overhaul your print and document infrastructure to diminish your waste output, reduce power consumption and make you savings of up to 40% on your energy bills. Automated processes introduced as part of the document management systems will control your print environment reducing the volumes of print your business produces. Internal organisational changes through automation will reduce the burden on your administrative staff by ensuring that all the devices in your print environment are operating at optimum levels.

However, technology is only one side of the document management systems coin. Introducing new procedures can be extremely difficult and if you don’t have the buy in and cooperation of your staff then any attempt to improve your businesses green credentials will be futile. Document management systems need to be accompanied by an education programme to engage your staff and communicate the wider organisational benefits of going green. These can be very persuasive – who wouldn’t be won over by saving money and the elimination of tedious and time consuming administrative duties? The best way to get your staff on board is to recruit Green Ambassadors to act as internal advocates for your cause. Many businesses find that the introduction of document management systems can seriously improve morale and job satisfaction across the board.

If you need to reassess your business in order to become a greener enterprise then document management systems are a step in the right direction.  In most cases document management systems pay for themselves within a year – why not take a look at our website and discover how you could make positive change to your business today

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