Make Secure Remote Working a Priority for Your Business

Image: Make Secure Remote Working a Priority for Your Business

As organisations of all shapes and sizes shift to remote and hybrid working models, it is imperative that they take a proactive approach to strengthen their defences and protect themselves from the growing threat landscape remote working presents. Once considered a nice-to-have, a risk management strategy is now a priority and an essential element of your business continuity plan to combat the increasing risks posed by sophisticated threats.

A comprehensive risk management strategy can help your organisation monitor and evaluate the security technology you have in place to determine how well it is working, as well as assess the effectiveness of the processes and people that manage your essential tech.

It can also help highlight the impact of a security failure should your organisation be compromised and help you gain a clearer view of the best ways to invest to keep your business protected and ensure it is not vulnerable in the future.

Strengthen your Defences with a Remote Working Policy

Developing a remote working policy can help you manage risks and provide guidance on areas such as storing devices securely, creating and maintaining strong passwords, as well as an acceptable use policy for visiting websites that aren’t work-related.

A good remote working policy should also determine the technical solutions your organisation has implemented to protect sensitive data and the best practices employees should adopt to ensure they comply. For example, applying two-factor authentication to any third-party service that you use adds another layer of security to minimise the risks of a breach.

We recommend carrying out regular risk assessments to understand if the security measures you have in place are doing their job effectively.

Download Our IT Security Guide

Our specialist Altodigital Xerox IT Services teams constantly monitor and assess security for our Managed IT Security customers and can support you with your risk management strategy and execution to remove the burden from busy IT teams.

Find out more by downloading our Xerox IT Security Guide, we’re here to talk in more detail at anytime.


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